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What does it mean to be present?

We often spend much of our time thinking about the future, or the past. As a result, we miss the experience of being here now, or being present. Richard Rohr describes the importance of presence as an opportunity to learn and to grow. He writes,

"To be present is to know what you need to know in the moment. To be present to something is to allow the moment, the person, the idea, or the situation to change you." (Breathing Underwater, 2011)

We become receptive and willing to let go of rigid programs, thoughts, beliefs and behaviours that may be holding us back from self awareness.

To practice being present, bring your focus to your breathing, even for just a few minutes and notice what it feels like.

Geoff Straw


Finding balance and purpose in the world may seem stressful at times. With Geoff as your guide, you will identify your unique challenges and strengths, enabling you to live life to your greatest potential. 

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