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Mindfulness alleviates anxiety

We have known for many years about the benefits of mindfulness as a way to live more peacefully. Now, recent research from the Journal of the American Medical Association reinforces mindfulness as a way to reduce anxiety without medications. This study looked at people with anxiety disorders - one group received an antidepressant medication and the other group participated in an eight week mindfulness based stress reduction program.

Interestingly, both groups reported about a 30 percent decrease in the intensity of their symptoms. The researchers also suggest that this program can work well when delivered virtually, something that may make a mindfulness program more appealing to some people who are interested in accessing therapeutic programs in a convenient way.

Geoff Straw


Finding balance and purpose in the world may seem stressful at times. With Geoff as your guide, you will identify your unique challenges and strengths, enabling you to live life to your greatest potential. 

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